Massage Aria LLC

Relax Rejuvenate Restart

Rules and Procedures

· This is a place of healing. A quiet and respectful environment is required for that to happen.

· Female breasts and Female and Male genitalia are never worked on and will be covered at all times. The session will be ended if they are shown at anytime.

· Minors under the age of fifteen will need a parents permission slip signed and a parent in the room during the massage. Minors from sixteen to eighteen will need a parents permission slip signed, but will not need a parent in the room. Female minors will need to wear shorts and a tank-top. Male minors will need to wear shorts and a tank-top if they choose.

· The therapist reserves the right to end the massage at any time. Upon doing so, the therapist will inform you that the massage is over and ask you to get dressed after they leave the room. After you exit the room, the therapist will inform you of the behavior and ask you not to return.

· Payments will be collected at the end of the session. Sales tax is added to the cost of the massage. Cash, Check, and Money Order are accepted at this time. If the check is bounced, you will be notified and will reimburse the bounced check fee, after that Cash or Money Order payments will only be accepted. If reimbursement does not happen in a period of two months a small claims will be obtained and filed against the client. The client will also reimburse for court cost.

·  Please arrive five to ten minutes early for your appointments. No call/No shows will be charged $25 extra during their next appointment.